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140627 Airport Fashion - Suga

Cap: New Era x Muhammad Ali “It’s Not Bragging” Cap 28$ Available at CraniumFitteds

Shoes: Ricks Owens Paneled Leather Sneakers 1075$ S/O, Identified here

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Anonymous: pic(.)twitter(.)com/1x49kXqOYk
do you know what the brand of yoongi's bag on that picture? is that mcm?

Yep, it’s MCM! We’ll do a post on that outfit later and find the specific bag but yeah you’re right. 

140717 Twitter Update - J-Hope

Shirt: Odd Future B-Ball Jersey in Royal 60$

Anonymous: Hi :) I was wondering if you pre-ordered the BTS K-Con shirts would they be shipped to you or would you pick them up at the booth? Thanks :)

Please ask bangtanbooth for informations regarding anything related to KCON. We only posted the message to support, we’re not affiliated with them, sorry!

140628 Airport fashion - Jungkook

T-Shirt: Drife Milky Woods Tee in white 35$
Flannel: Couregiem Haetae Shirt in red 51$

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We’re pleased to announce that at the Bangtan booth at KCON 2014 you can purchase Bangtan shirts made by the lovely Chatty Style! They are currently accepting preorders for the shirts now for $15 until August 1, 2014. Otherwise, shirts will be $18 on the day of KCON if purchased at the booth.

If you have any questions you can contact Chatty Style at chattystyle@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Please support the Bangtan booth preparations for KCON 2014, until and on the day of the event!

140628 Airport Fashion - V

Sweater: Couregiem Haetae Solid MTM in black 62$

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Anonymous: Sorry, this is going to be really vague, but have you ever made a post for something Jungkook wore a while back, it was like a black sweater with red drippy writing on it? Again, sorry! Love the blog <3

Sorry! I can’t find the sweater you’re referring to. Can you maybe send a picture of him wearing it?

140629 Airport Fashion - Rap Monster

Hat: New Era Wu-Tang Primary Snapback in black 57$
T-Shirt: Hood By Air Morph T-Shirt really weird and obvious imitation
original is sold out, but check out the rest of the collection at VFILES

Photo credit: BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED | Editing allowed, credit required

koreanunf: Hi! Do you know if there's a big difference between the male and female timberlands? Because I really like the male timberlands and I'm planning to get them, but idk if female might be better? Thank you for all your hard work! you guys are the best!

Here is a comparison of the two, the men’s model on the left and the women’s on the right. The women’s boots are just slightly darker, and the design is a bit more “refined”, they seem to be made a bit narrower and shorter than the male model, but that’s about it! The men’s design has a feeling a little bit more “rough”, so if you think that’s what you’d like, you can surely go ahead and buy them!


If you want more information though, you shouldn’t be afraid to send the company a message or ask store employees about it!