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Anonymous: The black hoodie with paisley patterns that namjoon wore in the "eyes, nose, lips" bomb?? Please and thank you!

It’s been identified here

[request] 140605 “Beautiful” Dance Practice - J-Hope

Shoes: Vans Old Skool Leather in Dress Blue available at Baggins for 95$

[request] 140707 Bangtan Bomb - J-Hope

Hat: KTZ Detachable Face Mask Patrol Cap in Black/Grey 160$ available at Vocab

Anonymous: Hello ^^ Can you please tell me what kind of Nikes BTS wear in Just One Day mv?

The shoes have been identified here.

Anonymous: do you know where i could find cheap faux leather pants in general? or more specifically jimin's pants in american hustle life ep 3 when they are having the outdoor dance competition?

For women, you can find faux leather pants at H&M for 35$ and Neiman Marcus for 90$.

For men, they can be found at Urban Outfitters for 80$ and Zara for 100$.

zukketta: hi! you can find the rap monster hat at Simsimtapa Radio [140227]? thank you so much

The beanie has already been identified here.

Anonymous: even though they're sold out, i could get them on like ebay or amazon right?

Probably, but we won’t find those for you though since it’d be sold secondhand by an unknown seller.

Anonymous: Hey guys! I was just wondering if you knew what model nike shoes they wore at kcon and if there is a model for females?

The shoes have already been identified here. They are sold out.

Anonymous: hey, i would like to know all the clothes the boys wear from nastypalm, is it possible?

What we have right now is what’s available. We do have one post from nasty palm in the drafts right now also, but if there’s something you’d like us to find, please send us a specific request. Requests like “please do more ___” or “please find all of these” are too generic.
Thank you for your understanding.

krestos: Hey, Do you know some online shops with joyrich brand in Europe?

ASOS carries some Joyrich products.
Joyrich also ships internationally.