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Anonymous: Do you know where Bund ships to?

I’m pretty sure they don’t ship outside of Korea, unfortunately.

140808 Airport Fashion - Jimin

Cap: Last Kings Bricks Strapback in black/gold 45$
Jersey: Supreme Football Jersey in camo 180$ available at ProjectBlitz

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Dark & Wild Album Photoshoot - Jin

Tank: Pigalle x Nike Logo Tank in white S/O
[request] Socks: Off White by Virgil Abloh 53$ available at Antonioli
Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 High in all black 188$ S/O

[request] 140801 Twitter Update - Jimin

Tank: FLIRT Heart Tank Top in white 31$ available at BUND

[request] American Hustle Life - V, JHope & Jimin

Cap: Palm Tree Circle Palm Snapback in white 33$
Sweater: Palm Tree Cross Cut in black 48$
T-Shirt: Palm Tree Big Font Tee 24$
Sweater: Palm Tree Box Logo in black/black and black/white 44$

   all available at hiphoper

Anonymous: hi, first of all, congratulations on hitting 10k! That's absolutely amazing. second, thank you so much for all your hard work and effort, all of you guys! third of all, I was wondering if you know what shoes bts wore when they performed at kcon?? i really love them and all i really know about them is that they're black nikes. thank you so much!

Thank you very much!

The shoes have already been identified here.

vipbbybboy: I wondered.. If you knew where I can buy, or just the brand or anything. Of J-Hopes mask, like the one full of spikes ~

J-Hope’s mask was custom made most likely using a Respro mask.

[request] 140728 Daejeon Fansign - Suga

Cap: 950 JNJ Crew Famous in Black 58$ available here.

Thanks to nunnseob for the submission!

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Anonymous: I was wondering if your blog is up for affiliates or is considering taking them any time soon?

we have a [ links ] page where we list all blogs similar to us. If you are one of those, message us!

krestos: yee, musinsa and hiphoper have a lot of brands but they wont shipping to Europe :((. Btw what are you think about 87mm. their quality etc ?

Most korean brands aren’t directly available overseas unfortunately.
As for 87mm, I have never seen any of their pieces in real life, but the brand itself was created by two popular Korean models, Kim Wonjoong and Park Jiwoon, so I would expect the quality to be very good. You can ask further questions and get more information at 1987studio.tumblr.com.