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140901 Facebook Update - Jungkook

Snapback: Rocksmith x Wu Tang Clan Flag Snapback in Red $32 S/O

Shirt: Classy SNOB Basic Round Tee in White $38 Available at hiphoper

140826 “BTS’ Summer out of the Country in 2014” - Jungkook

Shirt: Stussy One World Mesh Tank in White 50$ available in black at Moose Limited.

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We’re going to say this once and it’ll be the last time we answer this. Almost half of the messages we receive has people telling us they can’t put links in their asks. This is normal. This is how tumblr works, and we can’t do anything about it.
To include links in your messages, simply break down the URL by putting ( ) around the dots or by using spaces, OR send us a fanmail. Links are allowed in fanmail.
This matter is also mentioned in our FAQ. Please use the FAQ everyone, we made one especially for you guys so please read it.

Thank you very much!

Just One Day MV - Suga

[request] Jacket: Zara Oversized Denim Jacket 70$ S/O

Shirt: A.P.C. C’est Génial! T-Shirt 95$ S/O

140821 Danger Performance - OT7

T-Shirt: Offbrand Marilyn Monroe Tee in white 24$ available at Cravelook

American Hustle Life - JHope

Hat: Last Kings Pharaoh Beanie in white 25$ S/O
T-Shirt: Last Kings LKCO Raglan in black 50$


Bulletproof Style is changing its request system.

From now on, you will have to fill out a form to request and submit an item. The form is available on the ask page > HERE <.

This system will help us deal with the increasing number of requests we get everyday and make our work more efficient.
All requests sent before today will be kept in the ask box, but every request and submission that doesn’t follow the form from this day on will be deleted.
Questions can be sent normally as always.

Thank you!

140829 Traveling to Music Bank - Rap Monster

Shoes: CDG Shirt x Supreme x Vans SK8 High Classic in Red $153 S/O

Headband: Supreme F/W 09 Red Headband $30 S/O

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Anonymous: Hello!! ^^ Any idea if coure giem ship out of Korea?

I highly doubt they do.

Note this: if the site is entirely in Korean, if it’s not foreigner friendly, then chances are they don’t ship outside of Korea.
If you can find the brand’s contact email, you can always try to message them and ask if there’s a possibility to purchase their items overseas (like getting a paypal invoice, for exemple, but most online stores in Korea don’t use paypal).

teenagedirtbagotaku: Is there any websites that ship Korean brands

I’ve heard WConcept ships in North America but I’ve never ordered from them. There’s also VFiles who carries some brands, maybe 2-3.

Most brands aren’t available overseas unfortunately, you would have to use a shipping service. If our followers know more about this, feel free to send us a message.