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Anonymous: - Member: V, Jin, J-Hope, Jungkook (possibly matching outfits) - Category of item: Pullover/Sweatshirt - Description of item: All white with black decals. Cross-like decal on right shoulder, eye decal on left shoulder. "3" on right sleeve, "9" on left sleeve. - Date/category of appearance: No information about date, appears to have been a performance at an outside venue. - Link: www (.) ecx (.) images-amazon (.) com/images/I/61z6ye-0cJL (.) _SL1024_ (.) jpg

I believe you’re referring to this shirt identified [ here ].

141016 Twitter Update - J-Hope

Shirt: Obey Icon Face Tee in Black 24$ S/O

Anonymous: maybe that anon is referring to the keith haring style dog??


Maybe! First anon, are you refering to this drawing by Keith Haring? If yes, it’s not a brand but he’s actually a popular street artist from Pennsylvania who died in 1990. A lot of renowned streetwear brands (Stussy, Reebok, Obey, A Bathing Ape to name a few) have made collaborations with Keith Haring (or I presume with the Keith Haring Foundation for posthume collabs). This is probably why you’ve seen this drawing everywhere.

(thanks second anon!)

Anonymous: hello do you know what brand has a barking dog as a logo? or just a sort of dog with three stripes coming out its mouth?

Do you perhaps have a reference picture? This is pretty vague.

Anonymous: I want to ask just maybe you guys know any website that sell duplicate version of the clothes you posted here. Please share if you do. Thank you in advance!

We don’t share or promote replicas.




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Anonymous: Hi, may I know is the white in ear earphone (has BTS name on it) V was wearing at the 1st day of concert sellable? Thanks in advance ^^ source from 141017.

I’m pretty sure it’s only a device he is wearing during the performance to hear himself sing over the music.

leader-hyung: Hello! Can you please tell me which brands of watches bts prefer? More interested in Taehyung's, Suga's and J-Hope's. Thank you~~~♡

If you want to know about a specific watch, please send us a request! I’ve noticed they wear a lot of g-shock watches though.

Anonymous: hey do you know where else i can buy Rapmon's QNIGIRLS Limited Long Zip Up Jumper? the black one is sold out thats why \:

Are you sure? It doesn’t seem to be sold out on their ebay… But aside from their Korean website also linked in the post, we have no idea.

Anonymous: Why are you gus so mean?

Mean?? When were we mean? Please elaborate, anon! If we said something that hurt you, please tell us, don’t just send a message telling us we’re mean, it can’t solve anything…